The SPS Model

We strive to adhere to five principles that we believe are essential to producing the best work in the shortest possible timeframe.

Provide unparalleled speed to market response and delivery.
We’re recognized for responding to the marketplace with speed that exceeds the norm. We strive to deliver faster than the typical industry timeline.

Deliver highly custom and complex products.
From one-off to multiple units, our custom capabilities allow us to develop and deliver products that meet the exact requirements of each particular project.

Apply a flexible approach to every project.
We understand that each project requires flexibility to get the job done. We guarantee to work with all parties throughout the entire project, to ensure every detail is considered. Responding to design alterations on-the-fly and changing materials at a moment’s notice are common practices we experience and answer with ease.

Maintain competitive pricing.
Our unique approach to manufacturing and material sourcing aids in maintaining a cost-efficient production process, without sacrificing quality and attention to detail. With every project we deliver, we prove that custom costs less.

Ensure consistently high quality.
Our goal is to create lasting value across our products, throughout our company, and within our customer relationships. In order to reflect our commitment to lasting value, we guarantee to deliver only high quality products that are built to perform and built to last.

Our internal process is comprised of a strict step-by-step program of checks and balances relating to design, engineering, manufacturing, and final inspection and testing. By emphasizing quality assurance across every facet of production, we guarantee that we delivery high quality products that we’re proud of.

Download SPS Model Brochure (778 KB)

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