Power Distribution Center for Battery Energy Storage

July 19, 2016

Winneconne, WI – SPS built and integrated a 50 ft power distribution center for a battery energy storage system (BESS), including installation of battery racks for LG Chem batteries, fire suppression system, DC bus, HVAC system, and battery disconnect switches.  The BESS was commissioned to determine how energy storage can be used to increase the productivity solar photovoltaic facilities, specifically a 1 MW PV farm in the southeastern United States.

The 1 MW/2MWh BESS is used to support load smoothing, peak shaving, and voltage support, with the multiple stacked services increasing the net economic benefit of the BESS.  SPS’ PDC expertise allowed us to provide enclosure design, manufacturing, and integration services for a pre-fabricated building, avoiding the need for a costly site-constructed building.

LG Chem Powers Energy Storage System for Solar Power Project in Southeastern United States

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