Power forward

April 04, 2018


Safety and reliability are critical to the grid.  Visit SPS in booth 3637 at IEEE T&D April 17th-19th in Denver to discover how our unique solutions can enhance the safety and reliability of your electrical system.

Metal-Clad Switchgear

Utilizing metal-clad switchgear allows for more compact substations than open-air designs, and potentially enhanced physical security and protection.  SPS’ engineering flexibility offers customers their preferred component manufacturers including circuit breakers and protection relays, and the option to integrate the switchgear in an SPS e-house to provide a fully climate controlled environment.  A fully climate controlled environment can extend the life of the switchgear compared to sheltered-aisle construction.

Racking circuit breakers is the second leading cause of arc-flash incidents in metal-clad switchgear, which is why SPS is invested in solutions that keep personnel safe.  Building on the integral racking motors of the circuit breaker OEMs, SPS has developed unique systems to make it safe and easy to rack circuit breakers from outside the arc-flash hazard boundary. 

Pad-mount Switchgear

SPS pad-mount switchgear products include primary metering, fused sectionalizers, and a new hybrid dead-front switchgear.

Our hybrid dead-front switchgear incorporates group-operated load break switches and solid-dielectric single phase vacuum interrupters.  The resettable single phase vacuum interrupters are used in lieu power fuses which enhances the safety of the unit by eliminating the need to replace blown fuses.  They include a self-powered control with field selectable fuse or relay curves and trip settings.

Because the hybrid switchgear maintains the same footprint as standard dead-front pad-mount switchgear, including exterior dimensions and termination heights, it is a direct replacement and can be installed on an existing pad. 

Come to booth 3637 to see our integral racking solution for the Siemens GMSG 5/15kV circuit breaker platform as well as our hybrid dead-front pad-mount switchgear.