Fused Sectionalizers

Our pad-mount fused sectionalizing gear is ideal where underground distribution systems must be sectionalized with protected taps. SPS fuse gear is available through 35kV in single and three phase configurations, for loop feed and radial circuits. The durable and flexible construction makes it our customers’ preferred fuse gear.


Switchgear Power Systems fused sectionalizers are available in live-front and dead-front configurations with current limiting and power fuses.

Our additional “double” dead-front design provides a further level of protection for operators and the public compared to the traditional dead-front configuration.

The “double” dead-front design provides fuse access through drop doors, ensuring no exposed energized components on either side of the enclosure.

• Components available from all major OEMs
• Voltage ratings from 5kV-38kV
• Current ratings of 200A-1250A
• Welded construction
• Enclosure exceeds ANSI C.57.12.28
• Tab and slot barrier design
• Removable roof and lifting provisions
• Stainless steel exterior hardware

Tab and Slot Barriers

Our exclusive tab and slot barrier design allows easy removal and re-installation of barriers during maintenance and installation of instrument transformers.

By removing the need for hardware to secure the barriers in place, both phase barriers and inadvertent contact barriers can be removed and installed in seconds.

Standard Features

  • NEMA 3R welded galvanneal enclosure
  • Paint system third-party certified to exceed ANSI
    standard C.57.12.28
  • Cross kinked, removable roof
  • Silver-plated phase bus and ground bus
  • Tab and slot barrier system
  • Bitumastic “no drip” compound applied to the
    underside of the roof
  • Removable lifting provisions
  • Door handles utilizing silicone bronze penta head security bolt
  • GPO-3 phase barriers and inadvertent contact barriers
  • Stainless steel parking stands
  • Mimic bus on the dead-front
  • 200 amp bushing wells or 600 amp bushings
  • Stainless steel exterior hardware

Optional Features

  • Stainless steel or aluminum enclosure
  • Paint system third-party certified to exceed ANSI standard C.57.12.29 for coastal environments
  • Tin-plated phase bus and ground bus
  • Screened, tamper-proof louvers
  • Clear polycarbonate inadvertent contact barriers
  • Custom bushing well and bushing configurations
  • Mimic bus on inadvertent contact barriers
  • 1250 amp bushings