Primary Metering Equipment

We provide primary metering equipment in both pad mounted and switchgear-style designs that meet the stringent and unique requirements of the electric utility company in your area.


Our engineering and manufacturing flexibility makes it straightforward to meet the governing requirements set forth by local jurisdictions.

If your project requires utility-approved primary metering, we’ll assist you throughout the process to ensure a smooth project delivery.

Pad mounted for utility company installation

This 600 amp, 15kV, three phase dead front primary metering cabinet was shipped complete, including:

  • color-coded secondary wiring
  • meter socket/test switch
  • installation of the customer-supplied instrument transformers.

Our unique Tab and Slot barrier system allows easier and faster accessibility to the interior of the unit for maintenance and upgrades.

Flexible options

Readily available options include:

  • Mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction
  • Instrument transformers
    • supplied and installed by SPS
    • supplied by the customer and installed by SPS
    • supplied and installed by the customer
  • Live front or dead front
  • Switching options
  • Fusing options
  • Relays and control devices
  • Third party certification
  • Special sizes
  • NEMA 1, 4, and 3R construction
  • Seismic ratings
  • Special colors